Everything is a Repeat

Today as I sit at work, while everyone else is at home safe and sound due to the weather, I began to do research on my project again. Why am I so fascinated in these toys that my dog has taken and ripped to shreds? Better yet why is she? Anyway, in the midst of looking for answers, I stumbled across a book that I have never heard of before. I found it very interesting. It is called Chewed by Arne Svenson and Ron Warren. It is a book of photographs of chewed up dog toys! I thought my idea was original, but let’s be serious, is any idea truly original today? The book gave me more insight not just about my project and why I am shooting my dogs gross toys, but also why every dog lover holds these mangled messes near and dear to their hearts and much as the dog does. The photographs in the book are very humorous, which isn’t something that I am necessarily looking for as I move forward, however it helps the narrative of the stories that people shared by having them shot in that way. So with all of this being said, I am not an original thinker when it comes to shooting dog toys, I never thought I was the first to do it, because it is hard to be the first at anything when everything has been done! Everything is a repeat. If you would like to read more about the book click on the photo below!


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Is This It?

Joey Versoza has a show in the CAC which is… interesting to say the least! His show incorporates the use of photography, videography, and sculpture (or more installation art). His show was inspired by the late Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour and how it never came to fruition. There were blurred photographs of people working in the studios, HUGE balloon sculptures with a looped video track of Jackson’s most famous videos and moments, and lastly there was a chandelier with plaid shirts hanging off of it. I have to admit though… it left me asking myself, is this it? Due to Michale Jackson’s fame and success, and the media coverage of his death, I expected something more. I got the connection between the Christmas trees and how life is fleeting, but I was not understanding the plaid shirts that came from target (I only know that because they still had tags on them). Not to mention right in the other room there were photographs of empty beds, and it was silent. There was also a bed that looked like it had come straight out of an insane asylum. So, to take myself out of that space and bring myself into that space of weirdness was an almost impossible feat. I am not sure how the other people I was with felt about it, but if you were there, or have seen the show yourself and agree or disagree feel free to comment!

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Kim Dalton

I am fortunate enough to get to meet some really amazing people and artists where I work. Kim Dalton happens to be one of them. She has taken many photos for our company and they are always stunning. I am particularly drawn to her black and white images of downtown Cincinnati (shocking, I know). I feel like her images relate to mine because she is not just shooting a building to shoot at a building, she is taking in the street and the culture around the building that she photographs. Although I have yet to successfully nail down how to do this without making it look like a “drive-by shooting”, I can look at photographers like Kim and learn from them. If you would like to check out more photos by Kim Dalton click on the photo below!


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After running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get things ready for the show on Friday, dealing with other classes, working and being sick I feel like it finally paid off. The show was a success. More than a success. We had more people in the gallery than could even fit in the gallery! I was not expecting that great of a turn out.

Not only did we have such an amazing turn out, but as many people know I have been struggling with my concept because it is too commercial and there is not enough meaning or depth in my photos. Well after our Emulsify show I think I am just going to take photos of what I want to take photos of now because my art sold! All three pieces. I might not have work that you have to sit and think about for hours and hours to find the deeper meaning, but if they are visually appealing to me and others find them visually appealing as well isn’t that enough? Not in the UC DAAP standard it’s not but for now it’s enough for me.

JR @ The CAC


The French artist JR is the currently showing his work at the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. I was drawn to his work more so than any of the rest of the shows that we got to look at in the CAC. The images he displayed were full of life and excitement. I also liked how they were displayed in the space. Some of his works were framed, some were on the wall like wallpaper, and some were mounted on plexiglass. He showed that he has full range of knowledge and skill in his field. I appreciate an artist who takes the time to consider every aspect of their work and craft.

Happy Photographing!


I thought I would just post this photo of my dogs paws because she is my new subject. I also just left it in color to see if I liked it. She really likes her paws. She relies on them and licks them all the time. That is about all I have. My brain is fried this week. Happy Friday, all!

Conceptual vs. Commission

I am still struggling with this whole idea of the conceptual art vs. art for a commission. So I was talking to a peer of mine and she thought it might be a good idea to do work about the two of them side by side. Still in photographs of the city. This is just a blurb of a thought, because I was talking with Rachel and I am still struggling with a cohesive concept. I know what I would like to shoot, however being in a conceptual art school it doesn’t seem to work and no one seems to like it. Let me know your thoughts!

Pia Mannikko

This was a busy week for me! I had my Workshare in Senior Thesis on Monday, and my crit in Adv. Photo on Wednesday! So as you can imagine my brain is filled with thoughts. One of the most interesting thoughts/ suggestions that I got when I was in my Senior Thesis class was that I should somehow incorporate my love for advertising into my love for the history of Cincinnati, and photography. So with all of that being said and talking to some of my peers I was led to this artist named Pia Mannikko. She set up an environmental art exhibit all around her town of Jämsä in Finland. Over the period of six months she interviewed people of all ages and took their big important memories mapped them out all over the city and allowed the tourists and locals to enjoy the peoples’ memories along with them. Click on the photos below to learn more! I would love to know more about how she did it and I am interested in maybe starting a website promoting the history of Cincinnati, or doing something like this and putting up facts about the city’s history. 



I am going to try to get in touch with her so see how she was able to do this. I will keep everyone updated! 

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Old Work

So after I had my crit Wednesday I feel like my head was about to explode with suggestions and I felt like where my idea started was no where even close to where it ended. So I thought it would be a good idea to show some of my old work just to show how I photograph, what kind of style I like and take it from there.




Candy Chang



Candy Chang is an inspiration of mine that I researched last year because at that time I was trying to convey peoples secrets or emotions without showing actual people, and I believe that she did it in a tasteful and elegant way. Her show Confessions was showing in 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. To read more about the show, click on the photo above! 

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