Monthly Archives: October 2013

Happy Photographing!


I thought I would just post this photo of my dogs paws because she is my new subject. I also just left it in color to see if I liked it. She really likes her paws. She relies on them and licks them all the time. That is about all I have. My brain is fried this week. Happy Friday, all!


Conceptual vs. Commission

I am still struggling with this whole idea of the conceptual art vs. art for a commission. So I was talking to a peer of mine and she thought it might be a good idea to do work about the two of them side by side. Still in photographs of the city. This is just a blurb of a thought, because I was talking with Rachel and I am still struggling with a cohesive concept. I know what I would like to shoot, however being in a conceptual art school it doesn’t seem to work and no one seems to like it. Let me know your thoughts!