After running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get things ready for the show on Friday, dealing with other classes, working and being sick I feel like it finally paid off. The show was a success. More than a success. We had more people in the gallery than could even fit in the gallery! I was not expecting that great of a turn out.

Not only did we have such an amazing turn out, but as many people know I have been struggling with my concept because it is too commercial and there is not enough meaning or depth in my photos. Well after our Emulsify show I think I am just going to take photos of what I want to take photos of now because my art sold! All three pieces. I might not have work that you have to sit and think about for hours and hours to find the deeper meaning, but if they are visually appealing to me and others find them visually appealing as well isn’t that enough? Not in the UC DAAP standard it’s not but for now it’s enough for me.


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