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Kim Dalton

I am fortunate enough to get to meet some really amazing people and artists where I work. Kim Dalton happens to be one of them. She has taken many photos for our company and they are always stunning. I am particularly drawn to her black and white images of downtown Cincinnati (shocking, I know). I feel like her images relate to mine because she is not just shooting a building to shoot at a building, she is taking in the street and the culture around the building that she photographs. Although I have yet to successfully nail down how to do this without making it look like a “drive-by shooting”, I can look at photographers like Kim and learn from them. If you would like to check out more photos by Kim Dalton click on the photo below!


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Pia Mannikko

This was a busy week for me! I had my Workshare in Senior Thesis on Monday, and my crit in Adv. Photo on Wednesday! So as you can imagine my brain is filled with thoughts. One of the most interesting thoughts/ suggestions that I got when I was in my Senior Thesis class was that I should somehow incorporate my love for advertising into my love for the history of Cincinnati, and photography. So with all of that being said and talking to some of my peers I was led to this artist named Pia Mannikko. She set up an environmental art exhibit all around her town of Jämsä in Finland. Over the period of six months she interviewed people of all ages and took their big important memories mapped them out all over the city and allowed the tourists and locals to enjoy the peoples’ memories along with them. Click on the photos below to learn more! I would love to know more about how she did it and I am interested in maybe starting a website promoting the history of Cincinnati, or doing something like this and putting up facts about the city’s history. 



I am going to try to get in touch with her so see how she was able to do this. I will keep everyone updated! 

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