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Is This It?

Joey Versoza has a show in the CAC which is… interesting to say the least! His show incorporates the use of photography, videography, and sculpture (or more installation art). His show was inspired by the late Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour and how it never came to fruition. There were blurred photographs of people working in the studios, HUGE balloon sculptures with a looped video track of Jackson’s most famous videos and moments, and lastly there was a chandelier with plaid shirts hanging off of it. I have to admit though… it left me asking myself, is this it? Due to Michale Jackson’s fame and success, and the media coverage of his death, I expected something more. I got the connection between the Christmas trees and how life is fleeting, but I was not understanding the plaid shirts that came from target (I only know that because they still had tags on them). Not to mention right in the other room there were photographs of empty beds, and it was silent. There was also a bed that looked like it had come straight out of an insane asylum. So, to take myself out of that space and bring myself into that space of weirdness was an almost impossible feat. I am not sure how the other people I was with felt about it, but if you were there, or have seen the show yourself and agree or disagree feel free to comment!

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